Nijigen aka Nijikon, from the English “2D complex”, is the effective perception that two-dimensional anime, manga, and light novel characters are more attractive visually, physically or emotionally than people from the real world. ACG (“Animation, Comics, and Games”) is a term used inthe connection of economic and cultural exists between anime, manga and games in the Japanese market, ACG isused to describe this phenomenon in relative fields. Nijigen Expo aims to connect all Nijikon enthusiasts and consists model kits, PVC garage kit, Tokusatsu “special filming”, cosplay, card games, ACGN, video games etc. You’re welcome to consult us for the renting a booth if your category is related. Nijigen Expo will be held in “Bundle” way, all pre-loved, new, pre-order products are welcome to join. All exhibitors have to pre-submit product details and pricing for checking purpose to avoid product clashing in between.



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About Nijigen

Japanese speakers oftenly refer nijigen ("2次元 aka Two-dimensional space") as a series of anime and manga culture. Hence, Nijigen Expo is an exhibition which provides all-in-one A.C.G ( Anime, Comic and Games) experience to all the fans who truly love this anime culture nationwide and even worldwide. From the previous Nijigen expos, Nijigen Expo has grown a big group of fans to support our event in and out of the country. There are many unprecedented scale of international performance, anisong concert,meet & greet with international cosplayer or artists, international tournaments and so on that you have the chance to experience in Nijigen Expo. Nijigen is believed to be the largest scale Anime event in South East Asia and we are expanding along with the growing trend of anime culture among people from all walks. The upcoming Nijigen Expo is expected to attract more than 60,000 visitors in Malaysia.